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Say goodbye to the discomfort, mood swings, and pain that come with your menstrual cycle. Take a PMS Gummy—your monthly relief in a delicious chew! It is 100% vegan, tasty, safe to use, and can be consumed during periods without any doctor's recommendations. The Royale Health Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Gummies contain 100% naturally organic ingredients. They are made of Vitamin B6, Vitex Agnus, Lemon Blam, Angelica Root, Black Cohosh, Zinc, and Magnesium. The benefits of PMS gummies include preventing period pain, reducing cramps, relieving bloating and irritability, and helping reduce premenstrual and menstrual acne. PMS Gummies are expertly crafted to ease hormonal imbalance, bloating, cramps, irritability, and fatigue, helping you sail through your cycle with a smile.

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About This Product:

Royale Health PMS Gummies to Pin Down Your Periods Discomfortability:

Experience the comfort you deserve during your monthly cycle with our PMS relief gummies. Made with care and created to ease your discomfort, our PMS gummies offer a natural and effective way to conquer those challenging days. Say goodbye to hormonal imbalance, bloating, cramps, mood swings, irritability, and fatigue – our PMS gummies are here to make a difference in your life.

Natural and Nutritious:

1. The Royale Health Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Gummies contain 100% naturally organic ingredients. They are made of Vitamin B6 (which helps regulate mood swings and support emotional balance, giving you a sense of calm amidst hormonal fluctuations), Vitex Agnus (which promotes hormonal balance and eases common PMS symptoms), Lemon Balm (which soothes restlessness, irritability, and promotes relaxation), Angelica Root (which alleviates cramps and muscle tension), Black Cohosh (anti-inflammatory benefits and relieves pain), Zinc (which releases eggs during each menstrual cycle, reduces premenstrual pain and cramps), and Magnesium (relaxes spasming uterine muscles, improves blood flow, and reduces prostaglandin production)

2. They are GMO-free, gluten-free, free of artificial color, and have no preservatives. 

3. Our expert team of nutritionists and gynecologists has developed PMS gummies by following the FSSAI, WHO, and ICMR guidelines.  

4. Our vegan PMS gummies differ from other brands' happy period gummies as we follow international guidelines and use 100% organic ingredients. 

How It Helps (Benefits of PMS Gummies): 

Natural Comfort: Our gummies are made with care, using only 100% natural and organic ingredients that work in harmony with your body's needs.

Holistic Relief: Experience relief that takes care of multiple aspects of PMS discomfort – from mood swings and cramps to bloating and energy levels.

Convenience and Delight: No more swallowing pills! Our delicious gummies offer a tasty and delightful way to include PMS support into your daily routine.

Transparency: We believe in transparency. Our ingredients are clearly listed, so you know exactly what you're putting into your body.

Empowerment: Take control of your menstrual well-being. Our PMS gummies empower you to face your cycle confidently, every single day.

Balancing Act: Regain control over your emotions with our carefully formulated gummies. Feel more balanced and in tune with yourself.

Gentle Bloating Support: Bloating can be bothersome, but our gummies are up to the task. Our PMS gummies include ingredients that gently reduce bloating, helping you feel lighter and more comfortable.

How to Use:

1. Take one delicious PMS gummies a day. The recommended dose timings are 3 days before- 4 days during, and 3 days after the periods. 

2. The pack comes with 30 strawberry-flavored PMS gummies.


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